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  1. BulletImprovements

  2. BulletServicing

  3. BulletRepairs

  4. BulletReplacement leads

For old systems between 10 and 15 years old, and dependent on usage we recommend looking at replacing the major components for the following reasons:

  1. Bulletmechanical speaker parts wear out and loose performance

  2. BulletAmplifier components age and are more liable to failure

  3. BulletOld technology - New technology keep up to the latest systems and sound improvements

  4. BulletIf your business relies on producing sound for your income, you cannot afford to have unexpected down time

Regular inspections can keep on top of potential failures.

  1. BulletMost major amplifier failures are due to lack of ventilation, blocked vents or failed cooling fans

  2. BulletUn-noticed speaker driver faults place unnecessary strain on amplifiers, its difficult in multi-speaker installations to notice a single driver failure

  3. BulletBad setup due to “user twiddling” can cause long term failures, we can re-align the system for best performance which minimizes the risk of further damage

Give us a call !  we can quickly give you an “over the phone” diagnosis. Once you have given us the symptoms we will advise you of the best course of action.

We have the correct diagnostic equipment and knowledge to make sure that we identify all aspects of any fault.

We can make site visits to confirm a diagnosis and estimate the cost of repairs

DJ’s, Announcers, Callers, Musicians or any one who uses fixed or portable sound equipment, your flexible leads will wear out, this will cause crackling, hum and at worst it wont work at all. Why wait for it to happen, have your leads checked regularly or if required we can make up connections to your specification using the highest grade connectors and cables (touring grade) We always use Neutrik connectors and Vandamme cables. We can make connection leads at our facility or if required on site at your place.

All cables custom made are priced according to requirement.