I use a sound system for my business

  1. BulletPublic buildings

  2. BulletStadiums and Tracks

  3. BulletBingo & Social Clubs

  4. BulletTheatres and Halls

  5. BulletSchools & Colleges

  6. BulletStations & Airports

  7. BulletNightclubs

  8. BulletSports Bars

  9. BulletHealth & Fitness

  10. BulletCommercial and Industrial

Images shown here are for illustration purposes only and are not necessarily intended to imply actual examples of work undertaken.

We have skills in all types of sound and communications equipment.

Whichever of these categories your system fits into we can provide you with a service for maintenance repairs, upgrades & renewals

  1. MAINTENANCE:  This function is essential in preventing long term problems such as dirt blocking ventilation and faults on speaker circuits reducing the life expectancy of amplifiers.

  2. REPAIRS: Items found during servicing can then be fixed, this guards against premature failure or interruption of service. At all other times we can mend any faults you notice during day to day usage.

  3. UPGRADES: We can provide additional equipment and facilities to add to an existing system.

  4. RENEWALS: Amplifiers, mixers and speakers dont last for ever, at some point you will need a replacement system, we can design, install and commission a tailor made system to your requirements.